Look Ahead: Four Steps to Better Relationships in the New Year – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
Look Ahead: Four Steps to Better Relationships in the New Year
Wall Street Journal
She has tips for the resistant spouse, too: You don't have to participate equally in the hobby. If your husband's passion is … Couples have sex to reconnect, feel loved, reduce stress, cheer up after a rough day, sleep better. Explaining what sex

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Arts and Culture Entertianment News: Spike Lee’s new film comes under fire – Mail & Guardian Online

Mail & Guardian Online
Arts and Culture Entertianment News: Spike Lee's new film comes under fire
Mail & Guardian Online
US filmmaker Spike Lee has come under fire for his latest film Chi-Raq, which according to the Guardian, “takes a satirical yet impassioned look at escalating gun crime in the US (the title hat-tips slang referencing the similarity between murder rates

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