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6 Sex Positions For Smaller Penises & More Sensation In General, Because It
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Understanding The Libido And Exercises That Enhance It

People exhibit varying levels of sexual energy or libido as it is also called. Those with low libido find it very hard to enjoy sex. Even if they manage to get an escort, it will be more of routine intercourse with very little enjoyment.

Importance of Libido

Libido is more than just the sexual drive that you need to enjoy sex. It embodies both the emotions and passion involved in the act making it a crucial aspect of mind-blowing sex. It makes an adult feel good and more special. People with high libido feel more love and sexual attraction and the feeling can be compared to taking ecstasy.

If you have been struggling with getting aroused, then it is time to look at what you may be doing that could be affecting your libido. Luckily, we will highlight some of the best exercises that can help you increase your libido so that you get to enjoy sex even more.

Weight Lifting

This is the number one exercise that can get your libido high up the sky. Weight lifting results in increased production of testosterone which directly affects the male drive. Push-ups, crunches and sit-ups are also some of the best exercises that can lead to better sex since they strengthen the body and give you the stamina needed during sex.


Yoga works on the body’s flexibility, and it is useful if you are interested in trying out new sex positions. Increased flexibility helps in fighting inhibitions and can help you enjoy sex a lot. You can also achieve maximum pleasure by trying out different positions and to top it up, it also enhances your stamina.


Sex can be viewed as an act of endurance, and that is what makes swimming an excellent exercise for boosting libido in an adult. Long distance swimming is especially important since it can keep you going for a very long time. Above all, it helps in weight loss. Note that people who are not happy with their weight have a very low libido. Since it helps you get in shape, you can be assured that your libido will also skyrocket.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are not just for women. Although they help with strengthening vaginal muscles in women, this exercise also helps men a lot. It makes it easier for men to prolong their ejaculation and thus enjoy sex for longer. It is imperative to understand that exercises that focus on the manly feel are quite effective in increasing libido. This is because they increase confidence levels and thus libido.

Exercising regularly will not only keep you in shape but also help you boost your sex drive. Therefore, find time to take part in some of these activities and you will be guaranteed of a healthy and happy sex life.